• The Beauforts

    I was intrigued to come across a re-enactment group calle the Beaufort Companye www.beaufort-companye.org.uk   They put on enactments modelling the late fifteenth century.  This is a hundred years too late for Hildegard but the first Beauforts were created in her time, the 1380’s and she would have heard of the notorious Kathryn Swynford, the Duke of Lancaster’s mistress.  Beaufort was the name given to the illegitimate offspring of Kathryn Swynford and Duke John of Gaunt.  Their children were known as the little Beauforts and were later legitimised by King Richard II.  Kathryn became one of the richeest women in England because of her alliance.  It’s ironic that her lover’s eldest legitimate son, Henry, the earl of Derby, also known as Bolingbroke, was the man who had his cousin, Richard II, murdered in Pontefract Castle and that Kathryn’s eldest legitimate son – to Sir Thomas Swynford – was the constable in charge of the castle at the time.  Talk about keeping it in the family.  I understand the Beaufort Companye are enacting the siege of Richmond Keep shortly.   See you there!