• Mother’s Day

    Went into Waterstone’s this morning to sign copies of the Law of Angels and was delighted to see that the publishers have produced a beautiful edition.  I hope the contents live up to it.  Ether books have a long way to go!  A brilliant cover and that lovely feel of good paper, the smell of fresh print…mmm.  Better than ice cream.

    Good enough to give to your ma on her special day maybe?

  • Hildegard is back!

    It’s been a long time (again) but with good reason.  I’ve just had two bouts of eye surgery and sandwiched between them I wrote the fourth of Hildegard’s sleuthing adventures in medieval England.  This time she was in London during the autumn parliament when Richard’s enemies made the first moves to get rid of him.  It’s called  The Parliament of Spies.  All the usual suspects are there, of course – plus the real historical figures from a fascinating period of English history.  Lies, ambition, greed, fashion, stabs in the back – it’s exactly like today.  As well as that Hildegard falls for a London bad boy…

    A week after finishing it the third book was published to very muted (inaudible) fanfares.  In fact, I’m not sure anybody but me, Amazon, and a few friends know it’s out there.  But hey!  what’s wrong with being exclusive? I’m delighted with the new look cover design.  It’s sinister enough to convey the dark power of the king’s enemies.  I hope you enjoy it.

    So, what is THE LAW OF ANGELS?  You could read it and find out.  Shall we have a competition?