• Hildegard’s lingerie

    It’s a fact.  Hildegard wore knickers.  Linen and lace underwear have been found at the Castle of Lengburg in Austria.  The bras were apparently sometimes called shirt bags but the pants are pretty thong-like.   I think we called bras breast bands.  Is that the same thing, I wonder?  Might have to rewrite a line or two.

  • York Mystery Plays 2012

    In the third of Hildegard’s sleuthing escapades she is in York for the Mystery Plays.  If you want to know what it was like in the days when the plays were performed on carts at twelve separate stations around the town, read how she pursues – and is pursued – by the knight in black – from Toft Grreen down to Pavement and to near catastrophe outside the mayor’s hall, the pursuit intertwined with scenes from the plays.  It was greatly enjoyable to  research this one.  I love York and when I lived there I wrote several plays for the Theatre Royal so have always seen it as a theatrical sort of place.  The Mystery Plays were still being regularly performed then too.  Hildegard would have seen the different guilds perform the plays connected to their own ‘mystery’ – the fishmongers responsible for Noah and the Flood, the bakers entrusted to stoke the fires of hell in one of their ovens and so on. 

    This years plays are a modern adaptation and if you want to have a look at their website here it is:  www.yorkmysteryplays2012.com