• Richard III

    Have you read about the discovery of King Richard III’s remains under a car park in Leicester?  The last of the Plantagenet kings, he was as monsterised  by Shakespeare (via Holinshed) as was his Plantagenet ancestor King Richard II.  It’s good to find that this Tudor propaganda, set in stone for so long, is being questioned.  See Simon Heffer in The Daily Mail.   Of course, Hildegard of Meaux knows all along that young King Richard is a good guy beset by the ambitious and machinating Bolingbroke who wants the English throne at any cost – and then, happily for our sense of justice, lives miserably throughout his ignomious and barbaric reign.  For once the usurper gets his just desserts.  The vile Tudors have mastered the historical narrative for too long.  Time for truth?