• The Parliament of Spies

    Hurrah!  The fourth book in the Hildegard medieval crime series is out now in paperback.  This is about Hildegard in London where she is embroiled in the machiavellian plots against young King Richard II and his beautiful queen, Good Queen Anne.  Hildegard has plentywith which  to tax her brain and on top of that she falls for a London bad boy, the master spy Rivera.  Or does she?

    It’s an answer to the many questions you’ve asked about Hildegard’s private and not so private life.  Enjoy!


    I’m delighted to say that the publishers managed to put the chapter headings in this time.  They forgot to do it for the hardback but fortunately enough it wasn’t promoted so nobody really knew about it.  If you’re one of the few people who managed to find a copy and would like to know where the chapters start and end, drop me a line and I’ll send you the page numbers.


    All the best.