We’re the orchestra on the Titanic…

or  in a lifeboat on a stormy sea?  EdVictor and Clare Alexander sum up what authors and publishers were feeling at the London Book Fair this week.  News had just broken that the US Department of Justice had decided to clamp down on a fixed price for ebooks.  It makes promises from the proliferating ebook publishers of 85% royalties  pretty meaningless.  85% of nothing? 99%?  It’s still zilch.  It brings back memories of the abolition of retail price maintenance and the catastrophic effect that had.  Apart from Penguin, Macmillan and Apple who are going to fight hard, who else cares?  Better take Pigling Bland’s advice and grow potatoes?

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  1. Ann /

    I hope you won’t flee to the hills at least until there’s another installment in the Hildegard series! I recently discovered your books and read them all over the past few months. After each book I spend some time reading more about the historical events in the book – I love to read about 12th – 14th century England. Thank you for bringing a little oasis of pleasure to my otherwise work-filled days!

  2. cassandra /

    Thank you for taking the time to write and say such heart-warming things. I wonder if you have any views on Richard II? I’d like to know. See my later blog bit above. Any comments?

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