Where shall we inter the bones?

This is the big question if the remains found in Leicestershire really are those of King Richard III.  Some say throw them back in the hole (because the Tudors say he was a villain) while others, not succumbing to Tudor propaganda, say it would show respect to bury him in York Minster where he wanted to be interred and where Yorkists feel he belongs.  What do you say?

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  1. Inktwala Meredith /

    They’ve just confirmed on the news that the remains are those of Richard. Wherever he is re-interred, it must surely be with a Catholic order of service – there was no Church of England in his day!

    1. Cassandra / Post Author

      Yes, it’s great news as it answers some of the rumours about Richard III spread by his arch enemies the usurping Tudors. Now perhaps we can rethink his illustrious Plantagenet predecessor, Richard II. He was buried by Henry V, the son of his murderer, in Westminster Abbey. To disinter him might show once and for all whether he was butchered to death or merely starved. Grim either way. But at least we would know.

      1. Cassandra / Post Author

        As for Richard III, why not Westminster Abbey along with the other Plantagenet kings? I’m all for a big state funeral.

        1. Miriam /

          You must read super fast! I was a bookworm in my teens, 20 s and early 30 s and your quote is so true books that you rlaely like stay with you forever. Happy OYGIF!

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