Roast Swan

As it’s nearly Christmas I thought I’d have a look to see how Richard II’s cooks prepared their swans.  Instead I’ve found something that you’ll be more likely to eat.  It’s called Almond Milk and was used as a thickener and flavouring in meat and fruit dishes.  You could eat it hot or cold like a dip.  Here’s how to make it:

Put fair water in a pot with sugar or honey so that it be douce.  Then salt it and set it on the fyere and when it is at boiling scom and let it boile awhile.  Then take it from the fyere and let it kele.  Blanche your almondes and grind them and temper them with the same water into a good thik mylk.  Put in wyne that it may have a good flavour therof and serve it with cut bred, tosted and basted and tosted again that it be hard.  Serve tosts in one disshe and the Almon mylk in another.

Good luck!

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