Oh and one more thing…

…have a truly happy and fulfilling new year!

Hildegard’s next celebration will be on the twelfth day of Christmas, Epiphany,  King Richard II’s  birthday.

How did he celebrate?  More later…

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  1. Laurence /

    Was it by abdicating by any chance?

  2. Cassandra /

    You must have been reading the footnotes although that really came later in 1388 in a secret deal while he was incarcerated in the Tower and, of course, he abdicated more permanently in 1399. Double figures were never lucky for Richard.

  3. Laurence /

    Well if it wasn’t abdication it probably involved eating swan again – or was it one of those really clever medieval things with a snipe inside a duck inside a goose inside a swan, etc., or something?
    I quite like the idea of all the feasting and so on, but the plague, leprosy, robber barons and awful smells are not so appealing, perhaps. On the other hand, we have mobile phones, traffic fumes, incessant noise and chavs. Hmmm.

  4. Denise Snow /

    Ms. Clark,

    I am an audio editor at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, KY, USA. We record talking books for the sight impaired and I have just finished proofing your book, Hangman Blind. I am hoping you will assist me with a pronunciation of the words ge be, with which you close your acknowledgements. The narrator said it with a hard ‘g’ short ‘e’ and a hard ‘b’ short ‘e’. Would you let me know if this is correct? I’m sorry to have to address you through your blog, but I could not find your email address. If you could, it would be helpful if you could reply by the email address I’ve given.

    As an aside, I would like you to know that I enjoyed the book very much.
    Thank you for your time.
    Denise Snow

  5. Cassandra /

    Dear Denise,
    Yes, you’re absolutely right. That is how it’s pronounced. Another word people find ambiguous is Meaux. The French mother-house would of course be said as ‘Mo’ but up in the north of England people say the daughter house name as Meoos or even Meooks.
    It’s lovely to know the book is being recorded for the blind. I had an experience that could have made me permanently blind a few years ago and after that I worked with the RNIB over here for a time so am aware of the value of fiction being available. I hope it comes off well and makes a good read.
    best wishes

    I’m sorry I don’t have your email.

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