It’s the festival season!

This is when writers emerge, blinking, from their lairs.

Next is the Bristol Crime Festivel – not a conference on how to commit the perfect crime but a get-together for writers and readers  of crime fiction.  Come to the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel this weekend and rub shoulders with your favourite writers.

A discussion of bad girls in fiction is at 2.30 p.m. on Thursday with Alison Joseph, Katharine Hall Page, Mary Andrea Clarke and me, Cassandra Clark.  Is Hildegard a bad girl?  Or just somebody doing the right thing in the wrong time zone?  Come and air your views!

Phoenix Theatre event coming up in central London and many more.

Watch this space!!!!!!

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  1. blues buffett /

    Hi Cassandra

    Just wondering when book 3 (The Law Of Angels) will be published? I’d like to look out for it here in Sydney Australia, or worst case on eBay/Amazon.

    cheers, Ray

  2. cassandra /

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for your enquiry. I hope I’ll have some news about the Law of Angels very soon. Watch this blog!
    Best wishes

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