Thanks for visiting my site and welcome to the world of Hildegard of Meaux - sleuth, spy, Cistercian nun and future abbess.

Hildegard was one of many strong, independent women in the fourteenth century who lived a life of power and influence.

The Order she chose was one of the wealthiest in England due to its involvement in the European wool trade.

Its abbots and prioresses were the advisors of kings and princes.

It is this world Hildegard inhabits after the death of her husband, a knight in the service of the young King Richard II.

The threat of the Black Death was ever present.

The Hundred Years War still raged.

And plot and counter-plot to remove Richard from the throne kept England on the edge of civil war.

Above all, terror at the approaching Apocalypse stalked the land.

Welcome, then, to Hildegard's world.

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Meaux: how to say it ...
Around the site where the great and famous Abbey of Meaux once stood people refer to it as Me-oos but in the south of England, following the pronunciation of the French mother House near Citeaux which gave the abbey its name, they say Mow to rhyme with hoe. I know which I prefer - but I leave it up to you!

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