January 1400. Rodric Chandler, in the pay of the usurper king Henry of Lancaster is a man with dark secrets and divided loyalties.

Sent to Pontefract Castle where the young King Richard is imprisoned, Chandler is charged with the task of finding out the names of the king's allies. When Richard is murdered, his death is kept secret until his supporters can be brutally silenced by the new king.

As the cortège bears the body to London, an unseen bowman begins to pick off the usurper's men-at-arms one by one. Fearing another rebellion in support of Richard, the stepbrother of the so-called king, Thomas Swynford, is in a rage. He orders Chandler to find the killer or pay the penalty himself.

But with loyalties of his own, not least to Chaucer's maid Matilda, will Chandler follow Swynford's orders and track down the killer - or, following the rule of his saint Serapion will he defy Swynford and seek his own destiny in the flames of heresy?

Published in hardback in the UK on 26th of August
Worldwide ebook on the 1st October
Hardback in the US on 2nd November 2021

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