February 1390. Hildegard is given a special assignment by the Prioress, to escort a young heiress from Beaulieu Abbey to the northern stronghold of Sir William atte Wood.

What could be pleasanter than to join a betrothal party?

But there is a more urgent and secret purpose for her mission.

The Western Church is in Schism, with two popes battling for power. The Cistercians are split between the pope in Rome, supported by King Richard, and the one in Avignon, an ally of the king's French enemies.

Which pope will Beaulieu follow?

England's future depends on it, and who better than Hildegard to discover Beaulieu's allegiance in this battle of the popes?

To question such powerful forces is dangerous - and even her two militant monks may not be able to save her until a mysterious ally steps in. But is he all he seems?

Read book 11 in what the Bookseller calls "this stellar series."

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