Murder at Whitby Abbey

'As a punishment for her recently discovered sexual misconduct, Hildegard of Meaux, a pious but somewhat unconventional nun with a robust past, is sent on a mission to obtain a holy relic from Whitby Abbey. Unfortunately, her assignment becomes more complicated when the relic, purported to be a lock of St. Hild's hair, sparks a bidding war among both local gentry and representatives from other abbeys. Before the bidding can begin, the body of a young monk is discovered in a store. As Hildegard and her companions, two "monks militant" (recent veterans of the Crusades), and a naive young priest, undertake the investigation, it becomes evident that both the abbey and the town itself harbor dark and twisted secrets.

Hildegard puts herself and her virtue at considerable risk in order to uncover a potentially treasonous plot and unmask a murderer. Authentically mired in fourteenth-century religion, politics, and social unrest, the tenth volume in Clark's consistently superior medieval mystery series will not disappoint fans of the genre.'

Dragon of Handale

'This is a dramatic mystery lavishly studded with period detail. Clark's best to date.'
(Kirkus Review)

'Outstanding...Clark neatly pulls everything together in a moody, atmospheric whodunit while sustaining a high level of tension throughout.'
(Publishers' Weekly)

Paliament of Spies

'A neat, enjoyable 14th-century mystery story, which features the reappearance of the Abbess Hildegard of Meaux, solving crimes as she travels from York to the royal court in London where she finds nobles and clerics busily plotting againt each other, the king, or both. Interesting and atmospheric.'
(Literary Review)

'Clark's 14th century-set Abbess of Meaux series continues it's compelling, well written path. She creates a vivid picture of the time with both historical and fictional characters. The complications of her life make Hildegard spring from the page.'
(RT Book Reviews)

Law of Angels

'The third entry (after Hangman Blind and The Red Velvet Turnshoe) in this stellar series can be read as a stand-alone work, but most readers will want to learn more about the intrepid Hildegard's earlier exploits. We know more are in the making. Highly recommended for fans of medieval mysteries like Ellis Peters's Brother Cadfael series.'
(Library Journal - click here to read the full review)

'...engrossing storyline...a real joy to read...really transports you back into the fourteenth century...fascinating historical page turner...I did not want this book to end...'

'…a vivid and lively account of medieval life and a tumult of plot and counter plot which twists and turns in a most satisfying manner,,,giving a full and absorbing picture of a fascinating moment in the history of Britain…'
( - click here to read the full review)

'…captures the reality of life in fourteenth century England to perfection…a serious rival to Cadfael and just the sort of book to curl up with…the pictures Clark draws are magical and transport you back in time. Terrific.'
( - click here to read the full review)

Hangman Blind

'...Clark's prose is flawless.'
(Daily Telegraph)

'Hildegard is an engaging protagonist,sensible, kindly,resourceful and believable...Fans of historical crime will relish this first adventure in a series featuring the enterprising Abbess of Meaux.'
(The Guardian)

'A medieval whodunit which is both delicate and dangerous, reeking of lust, treachery, greed and violence and which keeps the reader at least one step behind.'
(The Northern Echo)

'An intriguing and evocative debut.'
(Kirkus Review)

'Cleverly plotted, this is a gripping novel full of twists and turns...brings a turbulent period of history to life.'
(Choice Magazine)

'CSI meets the 14th century...This first book will delight historical crime fans.'
(Historical Novels Review)

(Yorkshire Evening Press)

'Clark capably draws out the turmoil of rebellion and fealty boiling under Richard II's insecure reign.'
(Financial Times - weekend magazine)

'Many layers...deftly sorted out...It moves at a rapid pace...and for all that Hildegard is a nun there are hints of romantic interest wtih Ulf and Abbot de Courcy.'
(Mystery Women)

' a brilliant book which I thoroughly enjoyed - not just because it's set in 1382 with all the richness of that period, but because it's so well written'
( - click here to read the full review)

The Velvet Turnshoe

'The Hundred Years War makes a splendid backdrop for Clark's detective novels... '
(Sunday Times Culture Magazine)

' the second in a series of cleverly plotted medieval mysteries, full of twists and turns.'
(Sainsbury's Magazine)

'This highly unusual murder mystery is a fascinating read...a great additon to the sleuthing fraternity.'
(Etc Magazine)

' exciting a find as CJSansom was.'
(The Bookseller - Crime editorial)

'...(Hildegard's) secret mission across Europe is fated to end in death or destiny. She finds herself trapped in national and international intrigue and becomes the subject of personal feud and revenge. History leaps out of the pages in vibrant colour, danger is at every hand mystery piles upon mystery and you willingly succumb to the enticement of Cassandra Clark's writing.'
(Northern Echo)

'Hildegard is a nun like no other...a resourceful and strong woman...The second of the Abbess of Meaux Mysteries is well plotted and meticulously researched...a fascinating read.'
(Hampshire Chronicle)

'...Cassandra Clark captures the atmosphere of 14th Century England so accurately.'
( - click here to read the full review)

'...the feisty and intrepid nun Hildegard is given a task that will stretch even her skills and bravery ...Cleverly plotted, this is a gripping novel full of twists and turns, bright with colour and fascinating period detail that brings a turbulent period of history to life.'
(Bookshelf - Book of the Month)

'Hildegard is..a cross between Brother Cadfael and Miss Marple...surely a great addition to the sleuthing fraternity.'

'...This is great stuff even better than the first...'
(The Bookseller - review)

'Set in East Yorkshire and travelling to a wider Europe suffering the aftermath of the Black Death and the deprivations of the Hundred Years War, this highly unusual murder mystery is a fascinating read...'
(Driffield Times - Book of the Week)

'Hildegard is back!'
(Historical Crime Review)

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