• Publication date!

    I’m really delighted to let you know that the Dragon of Handale is to be published by St Martins Press in March 2015!  I hope you’ll preorder a copy.  If you want a hint of what Hildegard does next, read on.

    Back from pilgrimage to Compostela, she is undecided about whether to leave behind her identity as ‘Mistress York’ and return to her Order (if they’ll have her back) or remain unprotected outside the Order.  To help her make up her mind the prioress sends her into the wilds of north Yorkshire to the remote house of correction, Handale Priory, where she’ll be able to think things over and decide what to do next.  But when she arrives, of course, all is not what it seems.

    The Handale nuns are hysterical with fear because a dragon is haunting the woods despite the high walls that enclose them and, worse, a young mason has already been killed in a most savage manner…There are other things, too, that make Hildegard fear for her own life and that of the nuns…what, for instance, is in the secret tower in the woods?  Who is Master Fulke and what power does he have over the priory?  Why are all the chivalry of the north meeting at nearby Kilton Castle?  And who has sent a courier riding so desperately across the moors, what is his destination – and  who are the two men following him with such malign persistence?

    Read book five The Dragon of Handale to find out!


  • HIldegard’s fan club

    Hildegard’s followers are increasing in number by the day.   It’s good to discover that readers are so thoroughly  enjoying her exploits and terrific when self-confessed medievalists are so enthusiastic about the series and appreciate my exploration of the times.  I was in London yesterday, doing some research for the next book, and your comments were so heart-warming, they make it all worthwhile.  And yes, with your help and enthusiasm I shall continue to follow Hildegard into the darkest side of Chaucer’s England, come what may.  Thank you.