• England’s Medieval Festival 2018

    A great way to spend the August Bank Holiday Weekend for all medievalists.  What’s not to like?  Jousting, falcons, music from Perkelt and many other groups including the Pentacle drummers, and puppets, archery of course, jesters, the glorious Flora, spirit of the Spring and too much else to mention.  When I can get my pix to transer from my iphone to the laptop I’ll post my favourites from the medieval village and the crafts stalls. Watch this space.  It surely can’t be long before 21st century technology gets its act together.  There was a coracle as well and I forgot to have a go in/on the waters of the moat.   Many friends from past years it was great to meet again  Lots of lovely people following Hildegard of Meaux and wanting book 10 Murder at Whitby Abbey in a promised brand new book format.  Exciting times ahead and next year to look forward to.  Of course there’ll be rain (again) and it wouldn’t be an August festival without it  Twelve hours without a pause!  The falcons unable to fly because their feathers were wet.  The jousting horses couldn’t care less and carried on regardless – good job they don’t have feathers!  The tents were full and there’s nothing quite like sitting cosily inside a mead tent drinking real ale, talking about the first use of paper in England (Edward I if you want to know) while the rain drums on the canvas.  To next year, then! Thanks for all your help, everybody concerned.