• Radio fame!

    T his is just a quick note to let you know that I’ve been invited onto Wolfy O’hare’s show on BBC Radio Humberside to talk a little bit about my two series featuring Hildegard and Rodric Chandler. I’ll let you know when it’s to be broadcast. Meanwhile I hope you’ll tell everybody it’s coming up and tune in when we know the date.
    As I haven’t talked to many people throughout lockdown I’m feeling a little bit wary, Many other peope on zoom, twitter and elsewhere have mentioned they too feel that it’s going to be a shock to find we can chatter on in real time to real people when the shutters are flung open. No editing, no retracting, and having to make it up as we go along? Good heavens! Whatever next! We’re all improvisors again.
    I wish you well and hope that the road map will hold true and get us to our destination without too much doubling back. Stay safe during the end game and rememer to curl up with Hildegard and Chandler as the story continues…

  • Blogging

    I don’t know how other writers do much when they’re writing a novel. They say they read other books at the same time, they blog every day, they use social media to promote their books, they go out and have drinks with friends, and no doubt they manage to string two words together which are not what their chief character has said or is about to say in the next chapter.
    I find this admirable if also puzzling. How do they have the energy to do all that if they’re writing at full stretch?
    I’m scarcely able to knock a meal together. As for reading? Leave my fictive world when it’s only half built? Impossible.
    If you have the secret, please let me know!