• Toxophilia

    Had a fabulous day at INSIGHT ACTIVITIES NEW FOREST yesterday as I thought I ought to get some hands-on experience of what it’s like to shoot at things with arrows –  ready for Hildegard’s book 9 in the series.

    Wow!  I admire Ulf even more now.  After loosing a load of arrows I managed to get a couple in the gold – but the target was pretty close, I have to say, not the 80 yards or more a good bowman would smile at.

    The brilliant Josh Smith showed us what to do and didn’t mock once.  Thank you, Josh! It’s quite addictive and I imagine those young varlets ordered by King Edward III to get themselves to the butts every Sunday would need no urging.    I’m looking for an archery club now – but please, no jokes about Maid Marian!

    If you want to see what it looked like take a glance at my twitter link @nunsleuth for some pix.