• Food facts

    Several things about medieval food you might not know:

    – did you know, for instance, that your medieval ancestors ate pasta? Called losyns it could be layered like lasagne or rolled out like spaghetti and cooked in a creamy broth.

    – they also ate sweet and sour dishes.  Really popular they were cooked with rabbit, venison, wild boar and other meats, the sauce consisting of red wine, currants, onions, ginger root, cinnamon and black pepper.

    – rice was eaten but perhaps not always cooked the way we do.  It was made into a pudding but was cooked with chicken, sugar and spices.  They also ate a pudding version made with almonds, honey and…primroses.

    Sounds good to me!

    Find more recipes in King Richard II’s Cook Book (the first collection of recipes in English)

    Buon apetito!