At last Hildegard, the Abbot and his two militant monks are off to the Abbey of Meaux.  Home at last and all joy, you might think.  But no, they meet a cortege even before they reach the abbey and Hubert is in a cold rage about the death of one of his mentors.  Hildegard, glad to be back in her nunnery with Agnetha looking after things, is distraught to hear that Ulf, Lord Roger’s steward and her old childhood sweetheart, is about to be hanged for murder.  What has been happening while they’ve been away in the south?  It takes forensically minded Brother Gregory to join forces with Hildegard and Pierrekyn Haverel to attemept to sort things out.  But how can Ulf be saved?  Who murdered Brother Alcuin – and more importantly, why should such a harmless old scribe be a victim?  And more, who is behind it all?  While autumn mists wreath the abbey Hildegard is threatened with excommunicaton and King Richard’s enemies run the country as they wish.