How I write or how (not) to write a novel: Day Seven

Counting the days like this is really keeping me up to the mark.   I couldn’t resist starting yesterday though.  It was what I call a mosaic-ing day.  Bits of dialogue and stray scenes beg to be written down as they appear, fleshing out (yes, that!) the characters and causing things to happen. It’s a sort of pointillist exercise, creating the scene and who’s there.  The alchemist has a name.  He’s Hywel.  His litle side-kick who may or may not live to see another day is Jankin, a gutter-kid with a lot of potential and no home.  He’s wary of Hywel but slowly coming to rely on him.  Hywel’s mind is on proto-science, alchemy, and he’ll give a lot to discover the answer to all his questions.  But how much will he give?   How far will he go?

Hildegard is coming in tomorrow.  I’m really looking forward to getting her and the brothers back into the action.  When we left her at the end of The Scandal of the Skulls she, the abbot and his two militant monks were just leaving Salisbury to return north to the abbey of Meaux.  It’s summer.  They’re delighted to be going home.  We’ll have to be quick to keep them in sight as their horses are fresh from the stables and raring to go.

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