Blogging and writing

I admire those people who can keep a blog going and write a novel at the same time.  I’ve realised I can’t do it.  It’s got to be one or the other.  I’m still getting the ducks in a row but there’s always one that refuses to come down when called.

Steven King advises:

Write with the door closed.  Rewrite with the door open.

Sound advice and I pass it on for your use if needed.

He also said:  don’t seek praise from groups.  It only feeds your ego.  You’ve got to stand aside to let your novel grow.

I can’t better this advice so I’m not feeling too guilty about leaving off for a while until I get a respectable number of words down.

Remember the Saxon salaute in Hangman Blind ?  Ge be!

Till next time.

I think this is Day 9 by the way.  I’ll keep a tally out of interest.

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