Th numbers game

A special word for being innumerate exists.  I noticed it the other day, thought: how apt – then I didn’t write it down and have now (blame Lockdown/Christmas) forgotten what it was and feel too rushed at present to look for it.

It’s like ‘dyslexic’ but for numbers rather than letters.

The reason I’m thinking about it now is that although these days there are aids to doing simple sums there are many times when people like me hit a brick wall with that.  Take this morning for instance.  My daughter sent me a wonderful yoghurt maker and it turns out industrial amounts of yoghurt after minimal preparation.  Accent the word industrial.  Today I thought I’d make just enough for one.  But hey ho, numbers come into play.

When I see  ‘milk – 1399’ it means nothing else to me but the year Richard II was deposed.  Or what about 1485 – wasn’t that the Wars of the Roses and Bosworth?  I hope we can go back to Imperial weights and measures.  That way the 2 metre rule will make so much more sense.  (2AD or 2BCE?)

Stay safe and happy



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